5 HR Tech Trends To Expect in 2016

Technology is changing the way HR works and adds value in today’s most successful companies. To summarize a recent article from SHRM, here are 5 biggest HR tech trends you can expect to see in 2016:

  1. Simplistic Tools and Systems. Technology is shifting more towards systems that make things better. In the past tools were designed to help employees store information easily, but recently tools are more focused on helping employees get the job done. It is important to focus on making systems easy to use, so that people will want to implement them.
  2. Cloud-based and App-based Technology. Due to the increase of time spent on phones, employees prefer tools that are app-based.  It is important to accompany every HR tool with a mobile app, or ensure that the tool is accessible on mobile devices. By doing this it will lead to an increase in satisfaction and productivity among the workforce.
  3. Data Quality. Modern tools focus on giving employees recommendations on what to read, what to learn, what to watch and other decisions to make. It is vital to make sure to put standards into place and ensure that people know how to use the tools. Poor data quality is no longer acceptable.
  4. Innovative New Tools. When it comes to technology, staying current is essential. More and more companies are building innovative new tools for things such as employee wellness, feedback, performance management, leadership, and more. Talking to peers and finding references are good suggestions for staying current.
  5. Good Employee Experience. Companies will no longer have a single HR software vendor. However, as technology becomes more complex by adding new and innovative tools, it will also focus on a simple design to enhance employee experience.  If employees do not feel that the technology creates a positive experience, it will not be welcomed, and should not be implemented.

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