3 Ways Health Screenings will Benefit Employers in 2016

As an employer who will potentially be providing health coverage for employees, health screenings can be a beneficial way of ensuring that recipients are qualified. To summarize several recent articles, here are 3 ways that health screenings will benefit employers.

1. Offers increased flexibility for Employers. After the ruling that allowed employers to require a wellness program as a condition for health coverage was passed, it gave employers the flexibility to either take advantage of a required wellness program, or to not implement one. Having this flexibility gives the employer more possibilities when discussing health coverage options. It is important to utilize this flexibility to best fit your employees and group as a whole.

2. Encourages Healthy Lifestyles. Employees who have a healthy lifestyle are more productive, will have fewer days out of the office, and will have reduced health care expenditures, according to a recent article by the Business Times. Other benefits include having employees with more energy, which allows employees to stay focused at work and are often motivated by positive goals. By implementing health screenings, it will encourage more employees to live a healthier lifestyle, and in return lower the cost for employers.

3. Gives Insight on Overall Health of Employees. Although an individual’s screening results are confidential, employers have access to the overall health status of the whole group. As Moda Health points out, this allows planning for risks earlier and gives early warning of future claims costs, as well as encouraging employees to have a goal in mind, and to follow a series of steps to become healthier. As an employer you can oversee and encourage these group goals.

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