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Q & A with Jennifer DeHaven: minimum wage and Vegas economy

Millenium’s CEO and President, Jennifer DeHaven, was interviewed by the Las Vegas Business Press today. She addressed big issues in the Las Vegas employment arena, including the effects of a minimum wage spike, diversification of the Vegas workforce, local education opportunities, and the area’s potential for economic growth. One highlight from the interview was the… Read More »

Election Results Affects Small Business

The Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule, which is set to take effect December 1st, is a major sticking point for both candidates, according to a recent article published by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Democrat candidate, Clinton, is in favor of keeping the overtime pay rule, established by President Obama, which assures… Read More »

4 Ways CEOs Can Create an Effective PR Strategy

Although most companies have marketing executives whose sole responsibility is to manage the image of the company in the public, a CEO plays an important role in this aspect of the company’s success. No one knows the company better than the CEO. This is why it is key for the CEO to be involved in… Read More »

5 Ways to Hire for Diversity

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Hiring diverse candidates requires a customized hiring and recruiting process. This hiring process should meet the long-term career needs of top performers. Based on an article from LinkedIn, here are five ways to hire for diversity: Redefine work. Diverse candidates have a wide variety of skills and experiences. It is important to discard traditional job… Read More »

3 Ways to Be Constantly Recruiting Through Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the largest audiences available. These social platforms have become marketing platforms, particularly for hiring managers and recruiters. “Social hiring” to source candidates is a rapidly emerging recruitment strategy. To remain competitive among potential candidates, recruiters must understand and utilize social media consistently. Based on an article by Entrepreneur, here… Read More »

5 Tips on Closing the Gender Gap

It is no secret that there is a gender gap in how employees are paid, though estimates vary as to how large it is. Unfortunately, this gap can cause disengagement and lower productivity, which translates into lower profits. What is there to do in order to eliminate this business inhibitor? According to an article by… Read More »

3 Things Managers Can Do to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement is not uncommon in the workplace. However, having engaged employees is crucial to the success of any business. With just a few minor changes in the workplace, employees can become more engaged and productive. This results in employees that are pleased with their job and are more willing to put in hard work.… Read More »

2016 SBA Nevada Small Business Awards

Yesterday the 2016 Nevada Small Business Awards were held at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Jennifer DeHaven, President of Millenium Staffing Solutions was awarded the Woman Owned Business of the Year. Jennifer said, “This is truly an honor. We could have never received this award without the wonderful clients who believed in us from… Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty

Employee turnover rates have increased dramatically in recent years. This causes employers to feel that employee loyalty is a thing of the past. However, loyal employees are the heart of successful companies. When people feel fulfilled at their jobs, they go above and beyond to help the organization improve. According to an article from the… Read More »