5 Ways to Hire for Diversity

Hiring diverse candidates requires a customized hiring and recruiting process. This hiring process should meet the long-term career needs of top performers. Based on an article from LinkedIn, here are five ways to hire for diversity:

  1. Redefine work. Diverse candidates have a wide variety of skills and experiences. It is important to discard traditional job descriptions and replace them with performance-based job descriptions. This description should define the job as a series of major and minor performance objectives.
  2. Shift to a performance-qualified attraction process. When trying to attract diverse candidates, it is important to advertise what the person will be doing in the job and the impact the job has on the company and customers. This will give potential candidates a better understanding of the job, rather than a list of requirements.
  3. Implement narrow casting. If the job is a true career move you only need a few strong people at the top of the funnel to hire one great candidate. By implementing social media and other marketing campaigns, it is relatively simple to engage in conversations with each candidate.
  4. Expand your diversity referral programs. Effective passive candidate recruiting efforts consist of direct sourcing and proactive referral programs. Before looking for job seekers, think of people you know that would succeed doing the job you want filled. It is important to consider these individuals and if they would be wiling to consider a career move.
  5. Sell the discussion, not the job. Great people are more than willing to explore the opportunity of a career move with a credible recruiter or hiring manager. Going slow is the number one rule for passive candidate recruiting.

A great way to be successful in hiring diverse candidates is the ability to depart from the existing hiring processes. Learn more about how Millenium can help with your hiring process.




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