3 Benefits of Temporary Employees Following New DOL Ruling

There have recently been several changes from the DOL regarding the hiring of contract workers. As an employer it is important to understand the changes and benefits of the ruling. The change is mainly focused on contract employees who work for more than one employer. However, the benefits for temporary employees are still worth exploring.

To summarize an article from BuisnessKnowHow, three main benefits include:

  1. Saves Time and Money. Hiring a temporary worker is often less expensive than hiring permanent employees with benefits, particularly for shorter periods of time. When hiring through an agency, the agency is responsible for recruiting, screening, testing and hiring workers, making the process far less time consuming, and much more money conscious.
  1. Provides Specialized Skills. Regardless of the skills that are needed and required for a particular position, temporary workers provide more specialized skills now than ever before. Temporary workers increasingly include individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, education, , and work experience. Temporary workers provide a great resource for employers looking for a specific set of skills. Often times staffing agencies will have provided training to certain employees, further simplifying the employer’s obligation.
  2. Maintains Staffing Flexibility.  Temporary workers offer flexibility for employers that are striving to stay current with the needs of today’s workforce. The result of utilizing temporary workers is a more efficient workplace, a more flexible job market and a greater opportunity for both employees and employers.

When choosing a temp agency for the first time, ensure that time is spent choosing one that meets your particular needs and be aware of the new DOL ruling to ensure the best possible experience for your business. Click here to learn more about the benefits that are available by choosing Millenium Staffing!

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