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4 Ways to Embrace Diversity for Workplace Success

EEOC Position Statement Procedures

In upcoming years the business landscape will look dramatically different than it does today. By learning to embrace people’s differences we can spark innovation, better understand and serve our customers, and gain a competitive advantage. As a leader it is key to have a diversity strategy in place in order to be successful. Based on… Read More »

5 Keys to Dealing With Workplace Conflict

There are many different reasons why conflicts in the workplace may arise. However, this does not mean conflict has to have any negative effect on the company or the employees. As a leader it is vital to develop effective conflict resolutions skills and to have a strong desire to resolve any problems. Based on an… Read More »

6 Powerful Ways to Empower Your Employees

When managing other people, it is important to understand that your success depends on their success. The more you empower your employees the more they will thrive. According to an article by Forbes, here are 6 powerful ways to empower your employees: Listen Intently. It is it important to not only hear what you want… Read More »

4 Methods to Increase Your Number of Job Applicants

Attracting talent remains a challenging issue for companies and recruiters. Often, the amount of response to job postings are smaller than what is expected or needed. It is crucial that you consistently review your job ads to ensure they incorporate the latest techniques for drawing top talent to your company. To summarize an article on… Read More »

6 Must Know Changes to Employment Law

Parliament has recently passed amendments to several key pieces of employment legislation. The main goal of these changes is to promote “fairness and improve productivity in the workplace by enhancing protections and benefits for both employers and employees.” According to an article by Lexology, here are six must know changes to employment law: No more zero… Read More »

4 Ways to Enhance Productivity in the Workplace

  As an employer, productivity in the workplace can make a huge difference in the success of the overall company. Regardless of the type or size of your business, there are always ways to enhance productivity. According to an article by Entrepreneur, here are 4 ways to enhance productivity in the workplace: Do not overload… Read More »

Millenium Wins Woman Owned Business of the Year

SBA woman owned business of the year

News Release For immediate release March 18, 2016 Contact: Manette Quiamzon Executive Vice President of Office Operations Millenium Staffing Solutions 702.876.0708 Millenium Staffing Wins SBA Woman Owned Business of the Year Award Las Vegas, NV – Millenium Staffing Solutions was selected to receive the Nevada Small Business Association Woman Owned Business of the Year… Read More »

4 Ways Small Companies Can Compete for Top Talent

small companies compete for top talent

As an employer for a small business, it is important to understand which approach for hiring top talent works best in order to effectively compete with large companies. According to an article by SHRM, here are 4 ways small companies can compete for top talent: Hiring Strategy. When hiring top talent, competing has more to… Read More »

Nevada Give Big Day

Today, March 10th is Nevada’s Big Give Day and it is an opportunity to bring awareness and financial support to the issues we care deeply about. This year, we’re spotlighting Safe Nest, the largest southern Nevada organization helping victims of domestic violence. We invite you to join our efforts to raise money for Safe Nest.… Read More »

3 Ways to Promote Teamwork in the Workplace

Working as a team has always been an important aspect when it comes to finding success. In the competitive nature of the business world, sometimes teamwork gets overlooked or is unpopular among employees. However, collaboration leads to an increase in exchange of ideas and higher potential for creativity and employee morale. According to an article… Read More »