4 Methods to Increase Your Number of Job Applicants

Attracting talent remains a challenging issue for companies and recruiters. Often, the amount of response to job postings are smaller than what is expected or needed. It is crucial that you consistently review your job ads to ensure they incorporate the latest techniques for drawing top talent to your company. To summarize an article on LinkedIn Pulse, here are four methods to increase your number of job applicants:

  1. Focus on candidate needs, not employer demands. Rather than thinking of job ads as a way of posting the requirements and demands of the company, focus on incorporating the needs of the candidate. Top talent gravitates toward employee-centered advertisements.
  2. Use a standard, recognizable job title. Job titles that are understood, or may seem like a good idea to the company, may sound strange and unidentifiable to candidates who are unfamiliar with the company and it’s culture. According to LinkedIn, 64 percent of job seekers would not apply for a job if they didn’t understand the job title. In order to avoid alienating large portions of the talent market, stick with standard job titles.
  3. Include company logos or slogans in job postings. Research shows that ads that include company logos or slogans in job descriptions can draw on 13-21 percent more applicants than ads that do not. This will give you a competitive advantaged over other job postings, and will give the potential candidate a better understanding of your company.
  4. Offer salary information upfront. Many employers believe that revealing salary information upfront puts them at a disadvantage in compensation negotiations. However, ads that include salary information consistently perform better than ads that do not. Potential candidates will feel more confident in taking the time to fill out the entire job application if they do not have to guess what their salary will be if chosen for the position.

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