Nevada Give Big Day

Today, March 10th is Nevada’s Big Give Day and it is an opportunity to bring awareness and financial support to the issues we care deeply about. This year, we’re spotlighting Safe Nest, the largest southern Nevada organization helping victims of domestic violence.

We invite you to join our efforts to raise money for Safe Nest. Click here to donate as little as $10 and help save the life of a woman and/or child who is suffering from domestic violence. All the funds raised by the NV Give Big account will go directly to the support of the Las Vegas Safe Nest Shelter. Safe Nest is trying to raise $50,000 to support the Safe Nest Shelter.  The shelter is a safe haven that provides victims of domestic violence and their children shelter, food, clothing and a chance to rebuild their lives. But the shelter is so much more, click here to see how amazing the Safe Nest shelter is!

Our NV Give Big donation link is dedicated the sister of our friend, Sarah Ann Lucero, sister of Safe Nest’s current president. Sarah lost her life to domestic violence. Please spread the word and join the cause of giving for #NVGiveBig!

The CEO of Millenium Staffing Solutions, Jennifer DeHaven, has served on the Safe Nest board of directors for the past 6 years. Jennifer was the recipient of the Safe Nest Outstanding Service Award for her extensive work with the organization.

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