3 Ways to Craft the Perfect Job Posting

As an employer, a well-written job posting is critical to finding the perfect candidate for any position. The job posting is your first impression, and it is important to make it count. According to a recent article by SHRM, here are three ways to craft the perfect job posting:

  1. Be Clear. Job postings serve as a checklist for both the employer and the candidate. Postings should be specific about job skills, experience, and desired education. This saves time on both ends, and provides an honest preview of the job for the candidate. Job seekers most want to know about compensation, location, work/life balance and health benefits. Be sure to include as many of these as possible.
  2. Be Concise. It is essential to include information that will benefit both the employer and potential candidates. However, if a post is too long, the click-to-apply ratio drops dramatically. Similarly, if it is too short and is lacking compelling information, people will not take time to apply. Research shows that 500-600 word postings produce a 12-15 percent click-to-apply rate. The same idea applies to titles.
  3. Be Consistent. When crafting a job be sure to include:
  • A description of the position and requirements. List the most important skills and requirements first.
  • An explanation of the specific duties involved.
  • A brief, appealing description of the company and the opportunity presented.
  • A description of the benefits and intangibles.
  • At the end of every job description, include a single, clear call to action.

Doing these five things will provide candidates with a clear understanding of who they are dealing with, what they are required to do, and when they can hear back.

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