5 Metrics to Maximize Pre-Hire Quality of Hire

When it comes to making the most of your recruiters, it’s key that every hire is found in the most efficient way possible. That’s where these five metrics for maximizing pre-hire quality of hire come into play:

  1. Candidates interviewed per hire. It is important to ensure that the hiring manager is not required to see more than four candidates. To avoid too many candidates it is essential that the hiring manager and the recruiter are clear on the real job needs.
  2. Sourcing mix of passive, referred and active candidates. It is important for recruiters to find passive candidates and candidate referrals for high-demand  and management positions. These groups should make up about 50 percent of the candidates that are presented to hiring managers.
  3. Quality of your talent pools for critical positions. Have recruiters choose the top 20 resumes of people already in your database, and have your hiring managers review them. If the manager declines them, then it is important to set up a talent branding program to improve the quality of future applicants. This will create a just-in-time hiring process.
  4. Passive candidate yield from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Keeping passive candidates engaged from the first time they are contacted to the time they accept will promote improvement in quality of hire. For this metric, track how many candidates are extended an offer and compare with how many accept.
  5. Posting, e-mail and voicemail response rates. Tracking your response rates is a good way to determine the effectiveness of your recruiters. With the goal of consistent improvement, track the responses daily and weekly. Ensure that the emails highlight the employee value proposition and emphasize the work itself, rather than the skills required.

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