5 Ways to Keep Employees Well in 2016

It’s no secret that having employees in good physical and mental health can result in more productivity at work. As an employer, it’s essential to have a plan in place to keep employees well, but getting started can be a bit daunting. That’s where this list comes in.

Here are 5 ways to keep employees well in 2016. Take any or all of these suggestions and make a difference in your workplace this year:
1. Implement a wellness program. Implementing a new wellness program can spark interest and excitement about wellness in the workplace. This program can offer points or rewards for employees who complete health risk assessments, go to provided wellness seminars, or take advantage of other wellness opportunities provided.
2. Promote exercise. Whether it is in the office, or an event outside of the office, get employees moving! Some of these activities include:

  • Hosting an annual sports day where employees and families can participate.
  • After work fitness classes.
  • Providing a discounted fitness center membership.
  • Have treadmill desks and fitness balls in place of chairs.

3. Choose healthy foods. Ensure that the food that is provided includes healthy snacks and drinks and fosters a proactive approach to eating well. This may include nutrition classes, encouraging employees to pack a lunch from home, and cutting back on sugary drinks.
4. Encourage enough sleep. Sleep deprivation results in poorer health, lower productivity and is often times overlooked as a health risk. One way to combat this is by removing shifts that force employees to work late at night, and to discourage them from using electronic devices right before they plan to go to sleep.
5. Provide medical resources. Offer a confidential counseling service to promote mental and emotional health. Other options include flu shots, physicals, and fitness assessments.

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