Jul 03

During and after the recession, temp staffing helped many companies stay afloat. The American Staffing Association reported that on average, 2.8 million temporary workers were used per day last year. Harvard Business Review recently stated that 58 percent of businesses surveyed intend to hire temporary workers for various levels of employment over the next few years.  Here are 3 reasons why temporary staffing may work for your company too:

  1. Specialized skill set.  Good recruiters like those at Millenium Staffing are excellent at finding people with specific skills that can be impossible to find in-house.  These individuals may be difficult to locate, but once a recruiter finds the perfect match, the savings on time and training can be significant.
  2. Innovation. Many high level temps are professionals who are comfortable with change and can push the envelope when it comes to ideas.  They are accustomed to working in different environments and can adapt easily to take chances and innovate.
  3. Lower turnover.  If you use a staffing agency to do your hiring, you have the option to turn those temporary employees into permanent ones. This may seem like an obvious advantage, but it’s worth reiterating.  A hiring manager doesn’t have to guess about whether a person’s personality and work ethic will be as impressive as his or her resumé.  By having a temp interacting on the job, HR can see that person hands on and decide if that he or she meets the mark.  If he or she doesn’t, the process for letting that person go is painless.

There is a reason the majority of companies in America use temporary staffing.  It pays off.  We recommend you try it and see for yourself!

Feb 03

The job market has taken a hit in recent years, but the temporary staffing industry may be seeing an increase for 2012.  Career Builder just released a survey showing that approximately 36% of companies anticipate using temp or contract employees in the upcoming year.  Not only are more companies looking at staffing alternatives, but more than a third of them intend to hire their temps on permanently, a win-win situation for staffing agencies and hopeful job seekers.

According to the article, more than a third of companies in the US are functioning on a smaller job force than before the economic recession.  As a result, temp agencies are gaining a place in many different markets.   Here’s a list of a few of the positions that companies are apt to use temp agencies to fill:

Occupational or Physical Therapist

Speech Language Pathologist

Maintenance Technician

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machinist

Java or .Net Developer

Network Engineer

Business Analyst

Marketing Assistant

If you’re in management at your company and have some authority when it comes to hiring, temp agencies may really be worth your while, especially in today’s new market.  If you’re a job seeker looking to fill in a hole on your resume or explore new career options, a staffing agency may be the way to go.  Either way, Millenium will help you explore your options to create a “win-win” staffing solution.


Nov 07

Facebook recently announced a new project that could permanently shift the online job market: a partnership with big organizations to  “facilitate employment through the use of social networks.”  Facebook has partnered with the Department of Labor along with other organizations such as the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and DirectEmployers Association to research the best ways to get jobs out there to the right people.

Although other employment social media and search engines exist , facebook’s announcement is bound to change the rules of the game when it comes to job searching and recruiting via the internet.  Some speculate that facebook will overrun the existing tools  like linkedin or indeed.com because of its overwhelming popularity in the social media world.

No matter what this new partnership will ultimately create, there is no doubt it will benefit the masses.  The resources that will be dedicated to analyzing employment strategies and  trends will result in a lot more information for both employers and employees about job search and online recruiting techniques.

Millenium Staffing looks forward to learning more about this exciting project and its impact on job market and social media outlets.

Oct 14

The resume and cover letter were sent out, so what’s next?  If you are responding to a job listing online, there’s a good chance that the next step is the preliminary phone interview.  The internet has made long distance job searching a lot easier, and phone interviews are often an easy way for recruiters and hiring managers to narrow down the candidate pool before an office visit.  US News posted an article chalk full of advice for phone interviews.  I want to touch on just a few of the items it mentioned:

  1. No distractions.  This might seem like a no brainer, but a barking dog, impatient UPS man, or crying baby can be the catalyst for the rejection letter.
  2. Take your time.  It depends on the employer or recruiter, but the length of a phone interview can vary.  Try not to rush in your speaking or manner.  US News suggests leaving at least an hour to make the call.
  3. Smile.  It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make, even over the phone where the interviewer can’t see you.  Smiling will make you sound full of energy and more importantly, happy.
  4. Be convincing.  As the article put it, “Make sure that your answers during the call reiterate your experience, interest in the position, and desire to continue the conversation in person.”
  5. Avoid the money questions.  Very rarely are phone interviews the last point of contact with a recruiter before the job offer.  Often, there will be rounds of interviews after the phone interview to discuss the details of pay.

Now when the opportunity to interview on the phone comes along, you will be prepared.

Jul 10

Although the economy is taking longer than anticipated to climb out of the recession, it’s evident that staffing agencies are helping with the economic recovery.

American Staffing Association president Richard Wahlquist said, “Even as the pace of economic recovery seems to be slowing, America’s staffing companies continue to add jobs in virtually all sectors all across the nation. U.S. staffing firms offer immediate employment opportunities for millions of Americans. Many jobs that start out as temporary assignments will turn permanent as businesses gain confidence in the economic recovery.”

What’s going to bolster the economy today?  Well, the status of the economy really depends on people’s perception of its success.  If the United States public is willing to invest, hire new employees, and consume goods, the economy would pick up quickly. However, it is our wariness as a nation (among other things) that prevents us from bouncing back.  Staffing agencies, because of their unique nature, have the ability to support companies in their recoveries.  According to data that the Bureau of Labor recently released, staffing employment was the leader in private sector job growth in June.  As the American Staffing Association put it, “From May to June, the private sector added 83,000 new jobs, a quarter of which were in the staffing industry. Seasonally adjusted, staffing employment grew by 21,000, or 1.5% over May.”

And the staffing employment agencies will continue to support America’s companies reach their initiatives and help them as they transition from temps to full time employees.

Click here for more articles on recent economic development.

Jun 23

Community service can gain big points for your company.  Whether you’re building your client base or simply strengthening your existing relationships, community service is a tool that your company can and should utilize.  When a potential customer sees that your business doesn’t just talk about community service, but that it makes service an integral part of its structure, he or she is bound to choose your company over your competitors.

Beth Casey, a restaurant owner in California, won the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs National Award for Community Service.  In a recent interview, she stated, “My motto is ‘if you can work locally, you can change globally’. To me, the whole idea of having the restaurant is to serve up ‘Community’. I want everyone who comes into the diner to feel connected in some way or another.  I do community service because I love it.”  Beth’s diner was a huge success because it reflected the values of the people who worked there, and her customers could feel the difference.  Beth’s philosophy of service was not to simply look good on paper, but to act charitably, and her business flourished as a result.

Many companies have been participating in community service for decades.  Architecture company HOK has offices that participate yearly by donating building services for needy areas in their communities.  Disney offered free park admission to anyone who gave a day of service.  Accounting firm Deloitte has long been implementing “IMPACT” day, a day off every year when every employee nationwide participates in community service.  Why not make a resolution to develop a volunteer program within your workplace today?

So what opportunities can you as a business owner or individual take advantage of?  Millenium Staffing offers a list of organizations within the Las Vegas valley that could use additional help.  One such organization is an elementary school in Las Vegas, Whitney Elementary, where many of their students are legally homeless and need clothing and food donations.  Another is Safe Nest, an organization dedicated to the protection of abused women and children.  Habitat for Humanity is a countrywide organization that is always looking for volunteers.  Homeless shelters will never turn down a company’s commitment to feeding the homeless once a month.  Make today the day that your company makes a bigger difference!

For more information about local charities, visit the Millenium website.

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